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Safwa 2 Project
March 29 in Beaverton, OR 

finished countersWe did a bathroom remodeling project for the Safwa family in early January 2014.  They subsequently asked if we might be able to help with their kitchen countertops. Upon further inspection, they clearly needed help!  So even though it's for the same family, it was a brand-new project.

The Safwa family of 7 includes a set of very elderly grandparents and a developmentally disabled young adult.  They own their own home.  Mrs. Safwa is unable to work due to the round-the-clock care that her parents require and Mr. Safwa’s income barely enables them to get by. 

Volunteers Ryan Kerner and JJ Milmore removed the makeshift counters they had been using, and replaced them with a nice, new professional laminate counter.  Thanks guys for a job well done!

Project Partner: Sunset Presbyterian Church