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Danita Project
Dec 14-18, 2011
Lake Oswego, OR

Why did we do a project so close to Christmas, you may ask? Two reasons: First, because of the special, time-sensitive needs of the homeowner; Second, because Christmas is the season of giving. This is what it's all about!
We worked inside & outside the home of a woman named Danita, who has had a very difficult year. She was referred to us by our partners at Habitat for Humanity. Danita is 57 years old, is low income, and recently lost her husband only 6 months ago following his struggle with spinal cord injuries which left him confined to a wheelchair. We were already in the process of planning the project, when she called to inform us that she had gone to the hospital for headaches & fainting, and was told she had brain tumors. She had surgery the next day, and was subsequently informed that she has stage 4 Glioblastoma cancer...and was given 18-months or less to live. Our Board of Directors sped the process in order to help Danita as quickly as possible. About 2-dozen wonderful volunteers refinished her badly damaged wood floors, replaced a few broken doors, installed new vinyl tiles on her kitchen floor, and removing a dangerously rotten deck in the backyard.