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3 Coins with arrowWe believe that small, missional groups are the Most Essential Unit of the Church; and that church organizations exist to serve the smaller, micro-expression…and not the other way around.  

Our "definition of church" (ecclesiology) is simple: When a group of likeminded people band together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish a part of the mission of Jesus, they are the church.  We call them MICROCHURCHES, and every follower of Jesus needs to be part of at least one. Our model of Church is to affirm, empower, and release a network of Microchurches that are supported by a city-wide network for camaraderie, coaching, and resourcing.

WORSHIP – We pursue unceasing intimacy with the Father. 

We affirm that everyone is meant to know God personally in a way that brings understanding, transformation, and closeness. This type of relationship is cultivated as we continually RELEASE control to Him in order to RECEIVE what can only come from Him.  Intimacy with God grows through personal spiritual disciplines like Bible study, prayer, fasting, and meditation; as well as lifestyle choices that align us with His purposes for us. It also grows through sincere fellowship with other believers by sharing concerns and testimonies, group prayer and worship singing, caring for one another, and being on-mission together.  We don’t just want to know about God, we want to know Him.  Intimacy is the function of Worship.

COMMUNITY – We develop identity as part of the Body of Christ.

We affirm that everyone is dearly loved and cherished by God; with a specific, intended role as part of His family of believers. As members of this family, it is the Father’s intent that we be BELONG to each other; interdependent and committed to encouraging, supporting, and loving one another.  In the context of this type of community, we also spur one another on in our journey of BECOMING like Jesus - not to be identical to one another, but to embody His character in our unique lives, becoming who He would be if He were living in our shoes. Each one of us is designed uniquely to express His presence to each other and the world.  Because of this, we are committed to understanding ourselves, appreciating each other, and learning how we fit together to accomplish His purposes.  Identity is the function of Community.

MISSION – We take initiative to join the Holy Spirit in the world.

God is always at work to accomplish His mission, and He works through His people to accomplish it.  His mission is to continue the work of Jesus today: Showing the WORKS of the Gospel by serving the poor, marginalized, and hurting; and to sharing the WORDS of the Gospel with those who are lost without Him.  It's like two sides of a coin, the demonstration of the gospel and the proclamation of the gospel.  We are people of action who are not content with idle talk; yet we depend upon the impulse of the Holy Spirit to inspire, direct, and empower us according to His own purposes and time-tables.  As we allow Him to conform and lead us in this way, we are enabled to join His work around us; rather than chasing our own dreams, strategies, or goals.  We pledge to be busy about His work, yet flexible and willing to be attentive to the “divine appointments” He orchestrates in our daily lives.  So we work with Him, not for Him.  Initiative is the function of Mission...and it is a dance.