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Calling Lab email graphicTraditionally, ministry calling is seen as limited to clergy and missionaries… a.k.a. “professionals”.  This postures the Body of Christ as “inert” supporters of the mission rather than “catalyzed” agents of the mission. We affirm that all believers are meant to serve as Jesus’ ambassadors in their own spheres of influence. 
The idea of a believer’s calling has been discussed countless times over the centuries. This has become especially true these last few decades. The "Who am I?" post-modern worldview shapes much of current thinking, and Christian thought is not exempt. People often return to the question: ”What was I made to do?” So pervasive is this question, some refer to it as a life-stage crisis. Fortunately, these questions and feelings of purpose are not outside of God’s plan. In fact, these longings and considerations come to mind because they are a vestige of His original intention for humanity, which is clearly given within the pages of Scripture. The theme of calling repeats throughout the entirety of the Bible. Part of your life’s task is to take these questions and come to understand them in light of God’s direction and plan for you as a unique member of His family. This is where the Calling Lab comes in.
The Calling Lab has been designed as a tool to assist you in discerning the voice of God amidst the other voices demanding your attention. Throughout this Lab, you will be working through various aspects that will enable you to understand the unique calling God has for you. Some have left this Calling Lab with a better understanding of what they need to do next to further understand their calling. Others have walked away with a clear sense of what God is leading them into for the next season of life. Still others have come to discover their life calling. Whatever the outcome, it is an immense privilege to spend time developing our self-vision with the God who created us, in the company of brothers & sisters beside us.



This 5-Session Workshop is for followers of Jesus / ministry leaders who want to better understand what it means to be a Follower (Disciple) of Jesus, and how to experience the “abundant life” that He promises. "DC" stands for "Discipleship Cycle;" which is a spiritual-formation rubric for individuals & groups. It's a deep-dive that contrasts New Testament realities with what we see in today’s American Church; in order to help us evaluate our lives & ministries against the timeless principles of Jesus and His earliest disciples.  "If we want to experience the life of Jesus, we have to adopt the lifestyle of Jesus" (Tyler Staton, Pastor of Bridgetown Church) 

"What does God really want from me?"  
“Where am I thriving?”  “Where am I getting stuck?”
“How do I reach people for Christ who are skeptical of church?”  

We explore all of this in a group-discussion format. 

Testimony from 2022 Summer Cohort: "This workshop is helping us remember of our “First Love”.  It’s about time that we go back to the basics, as we have forgotten about it…We really appreciate your ministry!"



We love to help people start new Christ-centered groups and missional ventures with friends, family, neighbors, & co-workers; whenever and however it seems best for those involved.  We focus on developing supportive relationships, Bible study & discussion, prayer, spiritual accountability, & community service.  Groups come in all shapes & sizes. Since 2007, hundreds of people have grown closer to God and each other in dozens of Catalyst Microchurches.