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Reading List

Here is a list of books & articles which have been instrumental in the formation of Catalyst Ministries / Catalyst Partnerships:
Allen, Roland - Missionary Methods, St. Paul's or Ours?
Barna, George - The Frog in the Kettle
Barna, George - Revolution
Barna, George & Dale, Tony & Felicity - The Rabbit & the Elephant
Brafman, Ori & Beckstrom, Rod - The Starfish and the Spider
Browning, Dave - Deliberate Simplicity
Cole, Neil - Church 3.0
Cole, Neil - Organic Church
Coleman, Dave & Jacobsen, Wayne - So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore
Coleman, Robert - Master Plan of Evangelism
Connolly, Myles - Mr. Blue
Frost, Michael & Hirsch, Alan - ReJesus
Guder, Darrell - Missional Church
Halter, Hugh & Smay, Matt - Tangible Kingdom
Halter, Hugh & Smay, Matt - And
Hirsch, Alan & Sweet, Leonard - Forgotten Ways
Hunter, George - The Celtic Way of Evangelism
Garrison, David - Church Planting Movements
McNeal, Reggie - The Present Future
Miller, Donald - Blue Like Jazz
Rath, Tom - Strengthsfinder 2.0
Rusaw, Rick & Swanson, Eric - The Externally Focused Church
Smith, Steve & Kai, Ying - T4T, A Discipleship ReRevolution
Viola, Frank - Finding Organic Church
Viola, Frank - Pagan Christianity
Viola, Frank - Reimagining Church
Voges, Ken & Braund, Ron - Understanding How Others Misunderstand You
Wilkinson, Bruce - The Prayer of Jabez
Young, Wm Paul - The Shack