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About Catalyst Network


Catalyst Network is a decentralized network of Jesus-people, committed to pursuing His Mission in a variety of ways in order to reach all kinds of people in Portland and beyond.  We've supported & launched many ministry initiatives since 2007, and have been known by several names: Catalyst Project, Catalyst Ministries, Simple Church, Catalyst NW, and a few others.  Ministries and names tend to have a certain life-cycle, but the people involved are woven into the ever-growing fabric of the Kingdom of God.
We love, and are absolutely devoted to, the Church of Jesus!  Many of us are actively involved in local conventional churches and other fellowships...and for others, Catalyst is their church.  We're fine either way--what's important is that we're all engaged with Jesus, His people, and His Mission.  All of us who call Him Savior and Lord are in this world together, and it will take all of us partnering together - every Christian individual, group, organization, non-profit, etc. - to manifest His Presence in ways that will steward revival.

Catalyst Network is a church, but we don't necessarily look like it in the traditional sense.  Rather than adopting traditional models that tend to emphasize highly-gifted clergy & costly facilities to attract potential members; our approach provides an inexpensive framework for sending ordinary followers of Jesus into the world as missionaries.

Our aim is to send the Church into the world, impacting every sphere of influence, confronting every form of evil and injustice, reaching every kind of person, in a way that unlocks the genius of the Body of Christ to effectively reach the world with the Good News.