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Our Vision


We envision a reality where followers of Jesus are valued for their kindness and generosity toward people in their communities; demonstrating God’s presence in ways that transform neighborhoods, equip ordinary people to become His heroes, and draw new people into His family.

OUR GOAL: To Multiply Missional Expressions of The Church

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We believe we have discovered a way of empowering the Church that inverts conventional notions about who can lead and what it looks like, which prioritizes mission over all other enterprise.  Rather than relying on clergy and paid staff to do the work of ministry, who then recruit volunteers to carry-out a centralized vision to attract potential new members; our approach moves the emphasis to empowering ordinary people to live as missionaries and launch new ministry Initiatives through leadership development and discipleship. The result is an expression of church that revives mission, exponentially multiplying the impact of the Church in the world.


Catalyze God’s people to serve together as the Body of Christ in their communities.