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IMG 0135The first few months of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis had a very detrimental effect on Catalyst's programs.  For the previous 13+ years, we had been mobilizing large and small groups of volunteers to carry-out our projects in ways that were no long safe.  Our staff and leaders developed new ways of doing projects - following COVID protocols garnered from construction industry examples - so that we were able to continue helping people during this trying time. We also limited the amount of volunteers for each project, in order to maintain safe physical distancing.  


All personnel must be free of symptoms related to COVID (fever, coughing, diarrhea, nausea, loss of taste or smell), and must not have had known contact with anyone displaying such symptoms in the past 2-weeks.  All personnel will be asked to verify this information at the beginning of each day, and temp. may be taken.

Masks recommended by OHA are required at all times, unless individuals are alone, outside, and separated from others by more than 6-feet for a period of time.  

Physical Distancing:
Work will be done by a single person when possible.
When the project takes more than a single person, 6-feet distance will be observed.
If a project requires personnel to work closer than 6-feet apart, and the repairs are deemed critical, volunteers must wear gloves, eye and respiratory protection... and if the work requires individuals to work in close proximity to one another tyvek suits may be worn.

Food & Drinks:
Food and drinks will be provided to volunteers by Catalyst leaders or other approved volunteers.  All food & drinks shall be prepared, transported, staged, and distributed using the above protocols.  Food must be individually wrapped, and distributed by one selected person in order to minimize cross-contamination by volunteers.  Drinks must also be distributed by one selected person.

Do not share: 
Personnel must not share PPE (personal protective equipment), phones, food, drinks, or personal items. Try not to share tools. If sharing of tools is required we must take the standard procedures of wiping down tools with disinfecting wipes or spray and/or handling with gloves.
*** Gloves and masks are inexpensive when compared to the possibility of becoming ill, so don’t hesitate to exchange damaged  or or very used ppe** 

A detergent, disinfecting wipes, or spray, will be on the site of the project for sanitizing all items that are in frequent contact with multiple persons. This includes doorknobs, light switches, tools, toolbox tops, tools and any other surface that comes into frequent contact.

When leaving the site to run errands of any kind, you must continue to follow the above protocols if returning to the site (wear mask, maintain physical distancing guidelines, wash/sanitize hands frequently, etc.).  All items brought to site, such as materials, food, etc., must be wiped-down prior to coming in contact with site personnel. 

Leaving Project and Returning Home:
Dispose of all ppe at site in garbage sack provided and wash hands with soapy water or sanitizing wipes for more than 20 seconds. 
Once home, immediately remove clothing away from other occupants and wash clothes in the washing machine and then shower.