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COVID Safety Protocols 

(Updated March 27, 2020)

During the current Coronavirus Crisis, volunteers must follow these guidelines to protect themselves and others while serving with the CARE Network
If you do not have the required safety resources, please contact Catalyst and we’ll help provide what is needed.

  1. Service Providers must be between the ages of 16-60 years old, must be free of symptoms related to Coronavirus (sneezing, coughing, sniffling/runny nose, fever, etc.), and must not have had known contact with anyone displaying such symptoms.
  2. When venturing out, please go either by yourself or with someone from your own household
  3. Always stay 6-feet away from others (“Social Distancing”)
  4. Keep your vehicle sanitized as much as possible
  5. When in a public setting, or any other time your hands may be infected, do not touch your face.
  6. Liberally & constantly use sanitizing wipes, gel, or sanitizing spray with paper towels.  
    • Wipe down your car door handles, steering wheel and shifter before you leave and when you return.  Take a trash bag(s) for disposal of used wipes and gloves.
    • Wipe door knobs both inside and outside upon entry and exit.  Wherever items might be placed when delivered, wipe the area before placing items on this space. 
    • When delivering items, wipe them down before giving them to the person in need.
  7. Use multiple pairs of disposable gloves.  
    • Before going into a store or other public area to run an errand, put on a fresh pair of disposable gloves.  After you’re done, and have put everything into your car, dispose of gloves either in an outside trash can or in a trash bag you carry in your vehicle’s trunk or back seat to be disposed of in an outdoor trash receptacle.  Remove your gloves in such a way they are turned inside-out before you open any car door.  
    • Before getting out of your car for the Care delivery/visit, put on another fresh pair of gloves and follow the guidelines above.
    • Repeat these guidelines for every place you go while functioning as a Catalyst Care Provider.
  8. When visiting the person you’re helping, please wear a mask/scarf/bandanna over your mouth & nose.  Even if you don’t have any symptoms, this will probably communicate your care/caution to the person you’re serving.  
  9. Items delivered, whether from a store, home pantry, or other source, must be sanitized before giving to client.
  10. Contactless Delivery – As much as possible, do not make any contact with the person you are helping.  Be sure that all items you are delivering have been sanitized with your wipes/gel/spray as much as possible.
  11. Do not hug, shake hands, or otherwise touch those being served.  Maintain as great a distance as possible while still sharing positive and encouraging words.    
  12. If cash for reimbursement, or any other item is received from the person, sanitize it thoroughly before putting it in your car, then sanitize your hands and anything else touched by it.
  13. Do not accept food or drink (including bottled water) from any site visited.
  14. Carry tissues with you.  If you sneeze or cough please try to cover your mouth with a tissue and dispose of the tissue in your trash bag or an outside trash can.  Do not leave it in someone's trash inside their home and do not carry it in your pocket any longer than necessary.
  15. Wash hand with soap for at least 20-seconds as often as needed.
  16. Be prepared for people to be confused/scared.  Those with mental health/emotional challenges can be confused by what is happening, and may have access to inaccurate or scary information.  If you find yourself in an uncomfortable or illogical conversation, here are some sample acknowledgments you can use to change subject:
    • Yes this appears to be a pretty nasty bug and we just want to help keep you safe and healthy.
    • Yes there is so much information on the internet about it.  It is encouraging to know some research is showing possible effective treatment.  What are you doing to keep busy these days?
    • Yes, it will be so nice when things can get back to normal.
    • We are happy about this new chance to stop by and say hello.  Seems like people are really watching out for each other which is wonderful. 
  17. Do everything you can to remain positive, hopeful, and peaceful; so that your presence will encourage the people you are serving.