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(Operated between March-November 2020 in response to the COVID Crisis)

For several months, we mobilized volunteers from Catalyst Partnerships and Local Churches to help elderly, disabled, and low-income people who had been served by Catalyst.  We made making wellness calls, ran essential errands for vulnerable people, and met other simple needs to help them stay healthy and safe in their homes.  Tasks were limited to those that were absolutely necessary (food & medication delivery, other essential needs).  

Who We Helped 

  • Previous/current Catalyst clients and volunteers who were at-risk of contracting COVID-19
  • Those at-risk: Family, friends, neighbors, community members who are over 60, who have weak immune systems, and/or are low-income.
  • People referred by local churches, non-profits, city/county governments, schools, etc.


  • Catalyst staff & volunteers called to connect with people in need, encourage them, and dispatch volunteer Service Providers to meet the needs.
  • Service Providers were healthy volunteers with transportation, who ran errands and/or otherwise provided for the needs of vulnerable people. 

Safety Protocols 

In order to keep volunteers and recipients safe, everyone involved was required to follow the guidelines outlined on our Safety Protocols Sheet