In 2007, a small number of us came together to explore how to experience God outside the box of "normal church", serve the community, and reach others who were interested in Jesus but didn't like church. Together, this group envisioned an informal, grassroots network of people experiencing relationship with God, others, and their community... in simple, yet transforming, ways.

Since that time, the people of Catalyst Ministries have launched dozens of short-term & long-term groups, have engaged many people in a  lifestyle of following Jesus, and have built trusted partnerships with other local churches & ministries.

Catalyst was founded in January, 2007, by Shawn & Marina Mitchell. Following 13-years of full-time pastoral ministry in large, conventional churches, Shawn & Marina embarked on a completely different ministry journey - To rediscover the simple roots of Christian faith & lifestyle characterized by Jesus and the church of the first century Christians.  


The following people / organizations were instrumental in the early formation of Catalyst.  For their partnership, we are eternally grateful:

Tom Brown - Northwest Christian Evangelistic Association (NWCEA) is the church-planting organization that helped launch Catalyst in 2007.  NWCEA has been planting churches in the Northwest since 1956.  NWCEA was extremely generous and equipping in their support of Catalyst for our initial 3-years of development.

Sean Thome - Potter’s Hands Christian Church was the church out of which Catalyst was launched as a ‘Daughter Church’ in 2007.  Potter’s Hands, only a 3-year-old church at the time, was instrumental and very generous in the foundation of Catalyst for our initial 18-months.  Shawn & Marina Mitchell were one of two founding pastoral couples who launched Potter’s Hands in 2004.  

Danae Stewart & Cheryl Jackson - Project Unleashed was a non-profit ministry that helped establish and support house churches / networks in cooperation with the overall Body of Christ.  Project Unleashed was very instrumental in the development of our leaders and groups for the initial 3-years of development.

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