What We Do

What we DO flows out of the VISION we're drawn to and the MISSION for how we're going to get there. 


We envision a reality where followers of Jesus are valued for their kindness & generosity toward people in their communities; demonstrating God’s love in ways that transform neighborhoods, equip ordinary people to become His heroes, and draw new people into His family.


Our mission is to catalyze God’s people to serve together as the Body of Christ in their communities.

Ours is a relational network of people from all types of backgrounds & traditions.  We try to focus on developing relationships with people in a way that will help spark what God is already beginning to do, and wants to do more of, in them and through them.  Consequently, we're not into creating a bunch of "one-size-fits-all" resources & systems for people to adhere to.  There's definitely a place for systems & patterns to help us be more effective, but we operate much more in the realms of coaching, training, and networking.

  • COACHING: Empowering leaders to move past simply carrying-out someone else’s vision, by helping them to discover their God-given identities and to discern and do His will in their daily lives.
  • TRAINING: Helping individuals & groups learn about themselves, each other, and how they can work together to follow Jesus faithfully and work for His Kingdom effectively.
  • NETWORKING: Helping people from various churches/backgrounds to cultivate new friendships, develop partnerships, and "cross-polinate" for the benefit of the greater Body of Christ.


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